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Latvia is a small country, however, for its size is shares a very high biodiversity:


  • more than half of coutry"s territory is covered by boreal and temperate forests;
  • one tenth of it raised bogs;
  • most of the rest are agricultural lands;
  • there are 2256 lakes and 796 manmade water-bodies in Latvia along with many more small ponds;
  • 12400 rivers and creecs with a total lenght of circa 37507 km;
  • we have also over 500 km of sand beaches along the coast.


Latvia is home to 344 species of birds.


Latvia is located on the way of one of the world"s main migration paths of the birds. Wherewith during migration period a big concentration of the birds travelling through the country is seen here, and there are excellent opportunities for birdwatching.

 We only visit the very best areas and include well-known sites as well as others off-the-beaten track. We are also open to customize every program to suit the needs of our clients.


You could have luck and see here such an uncommonly seen birds as Terek Sandpiper and Marsh Sandpiper. In Latvia there is also one of the biggest in the world population of the Lesser Spotted Eagles - approximately 3000 nesting couples.


!We have to remark that all the new species registered in Latvia during the last year, such as the Booted Eagle, the Slaty-backed Gull, the Steppe Eagle and the Cattle Egret had been noticed exactly by foreign birdwatchers!


 Please, pay attention to our offers!

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