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Course of lectures "The Latvian wild Birds"

Eleven lectures. Theme - all Latvian wild birds species.

Start 5th of November 5:30 PM Kalnciema 27-18 in Riga, indoors of Latvian Ornithological Society.


Lector: ornithologist Viesturs Ķerus.

 Thanks to the photographers who support the lectures with their bird photos:


Agris Krusts, Oļegs Miziņenko, Māris Strazds, Dmitrijs Boiko, Kaspars Funts, Arnis Dimperāns, Andris Klepers, Jānis Ķuze, Selga Bērziņa, Ainars Mankus, Karlis Millers, Agris Celmiņš, Edmunds Račinskis. 


2009.10.9 10:48

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